Workshop: 24 October 2018, KM: The Scores, TLT LLP, London

by Sue Bramall

Einstein - Knowledge Management, Helene Russell

Einstein could well have had measuring the ROI of knowledge and learning projects in mind when he said “Not everything that counts, can be counted.” This afternoon workshop gives you a practical guide to measuring the value of your Knowledge Management projects and understanding which projects are value for money, and which ones aren’t.

When: 24 October 2018 2-5pm

Where: TLT LLP, Gresham Street, London

Cost: £269.37

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An afternoon workshop about how to measure whether your Knowledge, Know How projects and activities are working for your organisation.

Most people who work in knowledge management struggle to demonstrate the value of what they do – how can you measure what is in people’s heads?

This afternoon workshop looks at some of the methods of measuring the success (or otherwise) of your knowledge projects and activities. Learn how to demonstrate the value of activities to your Executive Board. Learn how to encourage participation by showing the value to all employees and, if you are measuring their activities, avoid gaming and unanticipated results.

Learn from Helene Russell, contributor to Measuring the ROI of KM, and sole author of the Knowledge Management Handbook and Practical Projects in Legal KM.

Suitable for anyone who works in a knowledge intensive organisation, but particularly suitable for those working in law firms and accountancy firms.

Previous attendees say:

Practical and useful – 7/7 stars

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by Sue Bramall




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