Curiosity (first published on Knowledge for Lawyers)

  • 2 May, 2019

It killed the cat. It went to Mars. How can it help you learn and improve your knowledge-sharing conversations? It encourages you to learn, helps you have enjoyable conversations and generally makes life interesting. Having recently read an article about…

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Helene Russell’s book club: the next book-crates are in the post!

  • 25 April, 2019

After a fascinating discussion on the merits of Critical Knowledge Management by Dorothy Leonard, the next mystery knowledge and learning book is now in the post to Helene’s book club members. Helene Russell’s online book club connects those interested in…

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Evidence-based practice (first published on Knowledge for Lawyers)

  • 17 April, 2019

Why do some law firms seem happy to leave money on the table? Why is there not a greater emphasis on evidence-based knowledge management practice in the legal sector? Hélène Russell explores this issue and suggests some ways you can…

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Workshop: 28 March 2019, Improving Knowledge Sharing Culture, TLT LLP, London

  • 6 March, 2019

We all know how knowledge sharing can benefit law firm profitability, but without the right culture to support that sharing, your learning and knowledge management efforts will struggle. Changing culture can be complex, so come along to a practical business-focussed…

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Helene Russell starts an online school in Knowledge Management

  • 28 February, 2019

Until now, only those who could get to the UK could attend Helene Russell’s well-respected knowledge management training events, but with the release of her first new online course, her practical and business-focused knowledge management training is available to everyone.…

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Using marketing know how to improve your knowledge team’s visibility (first published on KM Insight)

  • 22 February, 2019

Hélène Russell, legal knowledge and learning specialist, recently interviewed Sue Bramall for KM Insight, part of the ARK Group. They discussed Sue’s top tips for improving the branding, visibility and reputation of law firm knowledge teams so they can help…

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Hercule Poirot: Subject Matter Expert and Knowledge Manager

  • 11 February, 2019

Was Hercule Poirot a knowledge manager? This blog post by Hélène Russell explores how a much-loved character from the golden age of crime writing recommends that we deal with tacit and implicit knowledge, and advocates for the use of conversation…

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Hélène Russell launches new book club initiative for knowledge and learning

  • 26 October, 2018

A new initiative set up by Hélène Russell: a book club for knowledge and learning professionals. Legal sector knowledge and learning professionals often work alone or in small groups and struggle to find opportunities to network, learn and improve their…

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Podcast now available: Knowledge sharing starts with trust

  • 19 October, 2018

A podcast interview with Hélène Russell by Ari Kaplan of Reinventing Professionals, discussing the importance of trust and networks for knowledge sharing. Some knowledge is complex, such as the knowledge from experiences which informs our tactical decision-making in legal matters.…

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Knowledge Loss – can you afford it? (first published on Legal Futures)

  • 12 September, 2018

Law firms sell solutions to clients’ problems based on the combined knowledge of staff. People will always move on, but can you afford to lose their knowledge when they go? If not, what can you do to minimise the losses…

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