Otterburn Legal Consulting hosts management & leadership forum on 14 May 2019

A highly interactive one-day forum for law firm leaders hosted by Otterburn Legal Consulting. In May 2017 and again a year later, Andrew Otterburn and Simon Tupman ran highly successful one-day forums for law firm leaders in London. They will…

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Workshop: 5 & 6 March 2019, Strategic Pricing Masterclass, Gray’s Inn, London

Pricing is a key area for law firms and an area that can have a huge impact on profitability. Otterburn Legal Consulting is holding a strategic pricing masterclass which will cover a number of pricing areas. The key speaker with…

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Future Firm Forum: Focus, Foresight, Friendship and Fun

It’s a week since I returned home from the 2018 Future Firm Forum in Queenstown, New Zealand. I have reflected on it often since. For those of you aren’t aware of the Future Firm Forum, it is an intimate gathering…

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Webinar: 2 November 2018, Knowledge Management – A Guide for Law Firms

A 1-hour webinar aimed at those new to knowledge work, including new knowledge lawyers, professional support lawyers, practice development lawyers and knowledge managers and those thinking of new ways to support their law firm’s efficiency and effectiveness. It will consider…

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Workshop: 24 October 2018, KM: The Scores, TLT LLP, London

Einstein could well have had measuring the ROI of knowledge and learning projects in mind when he said “Not everything that counts, can be counted.” This afternoon workshop gives you a practical guide to measuring the value of your Knowledge…

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Course: 27 September 2018, ‘KM: The Works’, TLT LLP, London

A day-long foundation course in knowledge management for professional services. Ideal for professional support lawyers and those with new responsibilities in know how. Learn about fundamental theories of knowledge and knowledge systems, and the practical, commercial application of common tools…

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Seminar: 18 July 2018, ‘Conversation and knowledge sharing’, Anthony Collins LLP, Birmingham

A 2-hour seminar and workshop on the place of conversation and knowledge sharing within your knowledge strategy. Carla O’Dell, Chairman of APQC, chose “Conversation” as her word of the year. This seminar will look at:

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Workshop: 11 July 2018, ‘Deep Knowledge’, TLT LLP, London

An afternoon workshop teaching you to identify and put to work the most valuable knowledge in your organisation. The kind of knowledge that can be written down and put in a database is easy to share, but what about all…

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The next session called ‘Intranets that work’ is by Duncan Ogilvy and Sally Roberts of 3Kites Consulting and will cover technical/design aspects but focus mainly on practical tips to generate firm-wide interest and participation, secure appropriate resource, governance and ownership…

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Supporting free legal services – members of the Law Consultancy Network complete the 2018 London Legal Walk

In support of access to justice, members of the Law Consultancy Network completed the 2018 London Legal Walk, alongside over 13,000 friends and colleagues from the law profession. Andrew Otterburn, Vicky Ling, Simon Tupman and Chris Denington, joined up with…

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