Legal marketing lessons from Ed Sheeran on Desert Island Discs (first published on Legal Futures)

  • 20 October, 2018

You could hardly go into a public place over the summer without hearing Ed Sheeran on the airwaves. He is one of the most successful musicians ever – once holding nine spots in the top 10 singles chart, a claim…

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Workshop: 24 October 2018, KM: The Scores, TLT LLP, London

  • 21 September, 2018

Einstein could well have had measuring the ROI of knowledge and learning projects in mind when he said “Not everything that counts, can be counted.” This afternoon workshop gives you a practical guide to measuring the value of your Knowledge…

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Course: 27 September 2018, ‘KM: The Works’, TLT LLP, London

  • 6 September, 2018

A day-long foundation course in knowledge management for professional services. Ideal for professional support lawyers and those with new responsibilities in know how. Learn about fundamental theories of knowledge and knowledge systems, and the practical, commercial application of common tools…

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Streets Ahead (first published by Property in Practice for the Law Society)

  • 11 July, 2018

As times are tough in the conveyancing market, Sue Bramall shares her 12 steps to success for a law firm that wants to stand out from the competition and win clients. The RICS UK Residential Market Survey for March 2018…

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Book Review: Clarity for Lawyers, Effective Legal Language, by Mark Adler and Daphne Perry, published by The Law Society

  • 26 June, 2018

“This book should be obligatory reading for every law student, every lawyer who would like to improve their communication skills, and every communications professional who works with lawyers.”  Sue Bramall When I finally closed my copy of Clarity for Lawyers,…

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Supporting free legal services – members of the Law Consultancy Network complete the 2018 London Legal Walk

  • 23 May, 2018

In support of access to justice, members of the Law Consultancy Network completed the 2018 London Legal Walk, alongside over 13,000 friends and colleagues from the law profession. Andrew Otterburn, Vicky Ling, Simon Tupman and Chris Denington, joined up with…

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Don’t let lawyers write the content for your law firm’s website (first published on Legal Futures)

  • 9 May, 2018

“Our solicitors put lots of content on our website, but we don’t get much business from it”, said the managing partner of a law firm to me recently.  Indeed, there was plenty of legal text on the website but there…

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Learning from failure: even unsuccessful legal innovations have payoffs (first published in The Law Society Gazette)

  • 7 March, 2018

‘Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm’ – said Winston Churchill, although not in the recent film Darkest Hour. The legal profession has seen more than a few failures in recent years.  Some were due…

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Out of this world: how far reaching is your communications strategy in 2018?

  • 2 February, 2018

In 1984, a non-profit was established in Sacramento, California, by a group of scientists to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (called SETI).  Today, the institute has a three-pronged strategy, comprising education and public outreach, as well as searching for signs of…

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Book Review – Leading Professionals: Power, Politics and Prima Donnas, by Laura Empson (First published in the Law Society Gazette)

  • 15 December, 2017

In her most recent book review, Sue Bramall looks at Laura Empson’s ‘Leading Professionals: Power, Politics and Prima Donnas’. If you are looking for a book with practical advice to help you lead your firm to success, to establish a…

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